Vision Research - Phantom Flex4K

The Phantom Flex4K captures stunning 4K images at up to 1000fps. Boasting more than 12 stops of dynamic range and a clean, low-noise sensor, your shoot can rely on the Flex4K. The side panel features a new LCD control panel that simplifies the operation of the camera from earlier versions. Now you can change resolution, frame rate, ISO, and shutter angles at the touch of button. With AES digital audio, and Run/Stop recording at standard frame rates up to 120fps, the Flex4K can operate as your one production camera throughout the shoot day.

    • 2932 fps at 1280x720
    • 1950 fps at 2048x1080
    • 1000 fps at 4096x2160
    • 940 fps at 4096x2304


Lens Mount