Lectrosonics - SRc/SMDWB/HMa Wideband Package

Frequency Band

This wideband wireless audio package from Lectrosonics features two independent channels, making it perfect for either a wireless camera hop from a sound mixer's bag, or if you need to save some space and weight in a mixer bag. The two channels can be used to feed two separate inputs, or can be mixed internally to feed a single input. The transmitters' battery levels can be monitored from the SRc receiver. Also included with the package are Sanken COS-11D lav elements for using the SRc as a bag receiver rather than camera hop. An HMa wireless plug-on adapter for a handheld microphone is also included. The wideband frequency range allows for up to 3072 user-selectable frequencies.

  • Dual-Receiver Design for Two Channels
  • Tracking Front-End Filters
  • Tunes Over a 75 MHz Range
  • LCD with RF Spectrum Scanning
  • SmartSquelch DSP-Controlled
  • DSP-Based Pilot Tone
  • IR Sync Port for Quick Transmitter Setup
  • SmartTune Frequency Selection
  • Subscribe