Insta360 Pro

Capture 360 spherical VR videos and stills in 8K and 3D. Put on an optional VR headset and watch everything as you capture it. Moreover, you can live stream it as you capture it, using less bandwidth thanks to H.265 compression and cube map projection techniques. These are just some of the features of the Insta360 Pro, which was designed from the ground up with creators in mind.

The Insta360 Pro is built with six 200° fisheye lenses and offers adjustable shutter speed, but you have complete control over how many lenses the camera shoots with. You can select from just three to all six and control which subjects take center stage in the image. The camera also records audio with four built-in mics and additionally supports an external mic.

There's a big difference between 360 with image stabilization and 360 without it. Advanced, real-time image stabilization is another of the features of the Insta360 Pro. The Insta360 Pro also employs a precise optical flow stitching process that minimizes seam lines.


Package Includes:

  • Insta360 Pro Body
  • Lens Protector Band
  • 1x 5100mAh LiPo Battery
  • Shoulder Strap
  • 2x 128GB SD Cards with Reader
  • PSU
  • 10Gb Cat6e Ethernet Cable
  • USB 2.0 to 100Mbps Ethernet Adapter
  • 1/4"-20 Baby Pin