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How It Works

  • While working on-site, persons will provide:

    • Check-in Information

      • Name, phone number, email address, temperature, and statement they have been without flu-like or COVID-19 symptoms for at least 7 days and fever free without medication for at least 72 hours.

      • Time in and Time out.

    • Self-monitor throughout the day, report immediate change of symptoms or illness to the Studio Manager (designated on the check-in sheet), and immediately excuse themselves from the facility.

    • Maintain a minimum distance of 6 feet with other persons.

    • All persons shall provide an adequate cloth face covering or mask.

  • While working on-site, Ohio HD will provide:

    • The Studio Manager will be responsible to keep all participants compliant, greet guests and brief them on safety protocols, work to keep surfaces and door pulls sanitized.

    • Sinks with soap and paper towels.

    • Sectioned-off areas of the building to segregate people into smaller groups/individuals to assist in the social distancing requirement.

    • Readily available hand sanitizer and sanitizing sprays and wipes.



  • Craft service and shared snacks are prohibited.

  • Meals should be packaged per person.

  • Beverages should also be sealed and not shared.

  • If anyone on-set sees anything that seems unsafe at any time please report it immediately so that it may be addressed immediately.

  • Ohio HD reserves the right to shut down production at any time should an unsafe situation present itself.  This will be determined solely by the Ohio HD staff.

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