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Scott was lucky to discover his passion early in life. He was engaged in the world of media at an early age — working in radio at 16 and moving on to producing documentaries and small horror films with friends.  After graduating from Ohio University, he moved to Alabama to work as an editor and production manager on various outdoor shows including Buck Masters. 

After three years, it was time to come home to Ohio where he began a successful freelance career as a DP/Director.  In 2001 he founded a company that would become Ohio HD.  Starting as a DP with a camera package, he quickly expanded the inventory, inadvertently creating a much needed camera rental house in central Ohio.  Today Scott continues to work as DP and directs the team at Ohio HD which has grown past his wildest dreams.

Outside of the office, Scott travels the world with his wife Michelle.  He enjoys hiking, biking, time with family and dabbling in special effects makeup.


Scott Handel

Operations | The Make it Happen Guy

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David Jeffries

The hears it guy

Since graduating from Ohio University in 2013 with a degree in Audio & Music Production, Ryan has enjoyed serving as Location Sound Mixer and Post-Audio Mixer for Ohio HD.  He has worked on a variety of national commercial spots, documentaries, and productions for media outlets such as Netflix, HBO, Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, Big Ten Network, CNN, Fox News Channel, and featured content at the International Consumer Electronics Show.  

Ryan is an enthusiastic team player, and loves working amongst others on location. He is particularly passionate about taking on challenging projects, and finding creative solutions to accomplish the task.  

When he’s not on set or in the post room, Ryan enjoys recording and mixing music, designing/building his own audio equipment, skiing, playing in a competitive soccer league, and traveling.


Ryan Lavergne

AC | Overall Smart Guy

In 2009 Casey found himself with the opportunity to join Ohio HD. Previously he had worked as on-call tech support for an ISP or working as a stage manager for a Vegas-style magic show. Casey was always happiest when there were interesting problems to solve. He was happy to discover that video production offered plenty of opportunities for creative problem solving.

As an AC Casey feeds his need for problem solving while helping craft intriguing images that tell the story the DP and the client want to tell.

When he finds himself away from work, he is often on the motorcycle exploring a back road, but still carrying an assortment of cameras. I can’t get away.

Oh, and coffee.


Casey Hunter

The Drone Guy

Elvis joined the team at Ohio HD in 2017 working in the gear room. It became apparent that with his larger than life personality and people skills that he would fit right in.   On-set, Elvis has shown he can take whatever you throw at him, as he adaptable as he is personable and he gets the job done.  He has great instincts and a keen eye for video that exemplifies his passion for the craft.  

Currently, Elvis works on set in various roles, from grip to teleprompter to drone pilot, all the while working to develop and refine his skills as an up and coming DP. 

When Elvis is off work he is either going against the best of the best in major gaming leagues. He also enjoys the outdoors and playing sports like soccer and tennis. It has been said that Elvis is a way better soccer player than Ryan will ever be.

Elvis Funes

The Live Guy

Since graduating from Ohio University in 2011 Kyle Stoner has been working professionally in the media industry behind the camera as well as coordinating & producing content. Being a creative force behind Emmy nominated live music television show, PromoWest Live, led to directing live video for large music festivals and producing creative content for national recording artists. Having experience in varying productions roles in the broadcast news, commercial, live event and advertising industries as part of the team at Ohio HD has allowed him to gain further valuable knowledge into how the numerous aspects of video production when working together efficiently creates compelling stories and visuals.
Even in his spare time he finds it hard to step away from the creative process often combining his passion for film & analog photography with his love for exploring the world. When not on set he’s typically out in the woods somewhere searching for landscapes to capture.


Kyle Stoner

Studio Manager | Nice Guy

Vince Restivo started at Ohio HD in June of 2015. Vince a graduate from Full Sail University in 2008 with a Bachelor of Science in Film and struggled to find work after college. He worked as a bartender, and also some independent short films with his production company Backward Slate Productions. With Backward Slate Productions he was introduced to Ohio HD when working on their first feature length film Bong of the Living Dead. He has a passion for lighting and bringing creative projects to life.

Vince heads up our grip and electric department at Ohio HD, is also the studio manager. Vince has a thirst for knowledge and expanding his skill set. He has completed Chapman's PeeWee maintenance course. He brings an upbeat and can-do attitude to any set.

Outside of work Vince enjoys gaming both video and table top. Every Wednesday he engages in movie night with his friends, which will be celebrating its 600th Movie Night in 2019. He continues his work with Backward Slate Productions making independent films.


Vince Restivo

The Gear Room Guy

Coming from a background in Live Events and Grip and Electric Rentals, Alex Nowak joined the Ohio HD team in June 2018.  He takes pride in not only making you feel at home at our shop, but making sure the equipment that you've rented is up to our standards and completes your needs.  Alex is a Bobcat, and fellow graduate of the Ohio University in Athens where he studied for his Bachelor's Degree in Video Production.  He takes pride in his job here at OHDV, treating your production as an extension of himself.

You will find Alex in our Gear Room as a constant presence of our company.  He works to make sure your orders depart and arrive with consistent accuracy, and to help to continually improve operations and organization.  He specializes in a personal touch with customer service, and will see you to and fro your production as the least hectic part of your shoot day(s).  

When he's not at OHDV, Alex enjoys music in all its forms: concerts, musicals, collecting vintage formats, or even just singing to himself.  As a painter, he dabbles in the abstract of alien and otherworldly forms inspired from his love for surrealist and horror fiction media.  As a connoisseur and cook, he will try any food once, and aims to make his meals with a touch of his Polish and Southern flair that leave his dinner guests in a state of awe and comatose satisfaction.  He enjoys board games with casual groups, video games with close friends, and even nerdier things with geekier people.  Poor thing.

Alex Nowak

R. Kelley...The other one.

Kelley began his production career in the mid 1980’s while attending Wright State University. His first job in the industry was as an assembly editor for a local cable insertion operation. He quickly worked his way up to senior producer and began writing, shooting and posting a wide variety of projects.

Kelley joined the OHD team in August of 2018 and brings over 25 years of experience to the table. In his short time here he has been able to jump in and help fill a variety of rolls for our clients productions. He is an excellent camera operator with good set awareness. Solid lighting skills and years of ENG experience rounds out his skill set.

In his spare time Kelley and his wife Penny enjoy the outdoors. In his spare time they enjoy camping, hiking, cycling and photographing remote locations throughout the country and the national park system.


Kelley Marchal

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Taylor Tigner