Kelley Marchal

David Jeffries

Director of Photography | Photographer

Kelley began his production career in the mid 1980’s while attending Wright State University. His first job in the industry was as an assembly editor for a local cable insertion operation. He quickly worked his way up to senior producer and began writing, shooting and posting a wide variety of projects.

Kelley joined the OHD team in August of 2018 and brings over 25 years of experience to the table. In his short time here he has been able to jump in and help fill a variety of rolls for our clients productions. He is an excellent camera operator with good set awareness. Solid lighting skills and years of ENG experience rounds out his skill set.

In his spare time Kelley and his wife Penny enjoy the outdoors. In his spare time they enjoy camping, hiking, cycling and photographing remote locations throughout the country and the national park system.