Profoto - Acute 2 D4/2R 1200 - 2-Light Kit

The Profoto Acute 2 D4 modular flash head design features a circular, heavy duty, quartz flash tube and UV coated protection dome that surrounds both the flash tube and the 250W modeling light. It provides even, consistent illumination. All lamp head cables feature Profoto special connectors for arc-proof performance. All Acute 2 D4, 2, and Acute heads accept the same modular light shaping tools.

The Acute 2R 1200W/s Power Pack can withstand the rigors of frequent transport and travel. This new power pack is based on the Profoto Acute 2 1200 and is identical to it in every way except for the the addition of a built-in PocketWizard Digital Radio Slave that gives the photographer freedom from sync cords and a wireless triggering range of 300'.